Radha Kohinoor is an actress, dancer and model. She has worked in many TV serials and music videos. She has also done many print ads. Radha is a resident of Buxar, Bihar and has been working in Mumbai for many years. She has mastered Bollywood dance and Kathak dance. She was fond of dance since childhood.

She used to participate in dance and acting during school and college days and from there she developed a love for acting. She is a big fan of actress Karisma Kapoor. Watching her films gave wings to her dreams and her desire to make a career in acting became stronger. The actress is also influenced by Kangana Ranaut’s films. The film Titanic and the web series Panchayat are her favorite films. Radha Kohinoor is fond of cooking, traveling and reading and writing stories. Litti Chokha and Aloo Ke Paratha are her favorite foods.

Radha has learned dance and acting. She has also worked in theatre. Now she is going to work in music videos and series soon. She also have a project in the South. Radha Kohinoor is a down to earth person. She has seen and understood the struggle of women very closely. She says that even today the condition of women in our country is pathetic. Women remain suppressed in the conservatism of their family and society.

They do not get a chance to live their own life, dream and do something. For this, women will have to make efforts to find their identity and do such work that their family, society and the whole country can be proud of them. Radha Kohinoor said that in the near future she will help in encouraging and helping such women who have skills but do not get opportunities.


Radha Kohinoor Is An Actress, Dancer And Model With Rare Acting Calibre

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