India Fashion Awards (IFA), a non-profit organization dedicated to recognizing and showcasing extraordinary creativity and innovation within the Indian fashion industry, was thrilled to unveil the website of Fashion Entrepreneur Fund (FEF) on September 3, 2023, at The Claridges in New Delhi.

Established by the visionary Fashionpruner, Mr. Sanjay Nigam, FEF’s primary objective is to

offer vital financial support and mentorship, fostering a collaborative and sustainable

entrepreneurial ecosystem. Esteemed Indian film director Mr. Karan Johar along with members & promoters Mr. VagishPathak, Mr. J.K. Lalwani, Mr. Naveen Jindal, Mr. Robin Raina, Mr. Sandeep Jain, Idha Pathak,Mr. Vinod Dugar, Mr. Gaurav Dalmia and Mr. Samir Modi, launched the transformative Fashion Entrepreneur Fund’s website, marking a groundbreaking initiative that empowers emerging fashion and lifestyle entrepreneurs with essential resources, investment, education, mentorship and networking during the inaugural ‘Alliance Dinner’.

Distinguished D2C founders and luminaries from the fashion and lifestyle sector graced the event.Additionally, FEF proudly announced a pioneering ₹20 Crore investment in a groundbreaking OTT series, which will be presented by Mr. Karan Johar. This initiative marks a significant milestone in FEF’s mission, offering deep insights into the journ

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Fashion Entrepreneur Fund’s Website Revealed At Inaugural Indian Fashion Awards Alliance Dinner


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