The music of hindi feature film “The Lost Girl,” written and directed by Aditya Ranoliya and produced by Admake India Media Pvt Ltd, A.R. Films, and A.R. Studios, released by Panorama Music Company (Kumar Mangat Pathak). The movie features enchanting and heartfelt songs that will directly touch the hearts of the audience. Panorama Studios. International is expected to release the film nationwide in April of this year. “The Lost Girl” is a Hindi film that is a compelling tale of heart and soul. It is based on the brutal Sikh riots of 1984, during which a 5-year-old girl gets separated from her family. The film will give viewers goosebumps and is highly inspirational, motivating children. The film is dedicated to all orphaned children who lose their families in such brutal riots and are left alone in the world. The main roles in the film are played by Prachi Bansal, Aronica Ranoliya, Bhupesh Singh, Poonam Jangra, Navin Nishad, Ravi Singh, Ravish Singh, Raman Nasa, Akshay Singh, Shekhar Yadav, Suman Sen, Sunil Bharti, Neva Malik, and others. The film has received accolades from many film personalities and has won the Best Film award at an international film festival. Renowned film producer Aditya Ranoliya says that women and children are the most affected by riots although their involvement in the riots is negligible. Based on true events, “The Lost Girl” narrates the story of a girl Suhani, affected by riots. The film is emotionally gripping. The music for the film has been composed by Vivek Asthana, with 2 Unit direction by Prabhat Thakur, cinematography by Farukh Khan, lyrics by Ashish Purav, vocals by Neha Chauhan and Veena Joshi, editing by Akhilesh Shukla, costume design by Smriti Datta, and Costume Designing by Simi Ranoliya. —–Fame Media (Wasim Siddique)


Hindi Feature Film THE LOST GIRL Music Released Panorama Music

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